Why Solar Merchants

At Solar Merchants we take a consultative & solution based approach as opposed to just filling your roofline with panels. We provide you with an obligation free consultation that will allow you to make an informed decision. We will go through your electricity requirements with you, assess your available roof space and recommend the most appropriate system that best suits your needs.

We will ensure the system designed and installed at your premises will be maximised in energy output and in turn reduce your reliance on the GRID. Signing on the dotted line is just a start as installing a solar system is a journey and we are your trusted partners all the way through.

A dedicated after sales support team to assist you with all your queries (simple-complex) will ensure you sleep peacefully at night whilst your investment on the roof is doing its magic.

  • We seek expert guidance to choose the panels and inverters we install.

  • Our bulk buying policy ensures you get VALUE FOR MONEY

  • Our installers are clean energy council accredited and have a minimum of 5 years solar installation experience.

  • Complete peace of mind as we manage the entire process including GRID connection.

  • After sales support - We pride ourselves on exceptional after sales support and will be with you all along this journey.

The Benefits of Solar Power System


  • Reduction in your utility bills.

  • Reduces your reliance on the GRID.

  • Storage capability – use your own power when you need it.

  • Shield yourself from rising electricity costs.

  • Renewable energy, great for the environment.

  • Excellent government incentives.

  • Tax deductible for those who are self-employed.

  • Fantastic return on your investment: 15 – 20% year on year.

  • Adds value to your property price.

  • Creates jobs for the Australian community.

Buy Solar Panels Now


With rewarding government incentives to purchase solar panels, there is even more reason for you to get them installed. When you’re looking to buy solar panels, at great prices, contact Solar Merchants. We are the experts in solar energy.

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