Residential Solar

All across Australia, thousands of homeowners have realised the potential that dedicated residential solar panels can offer. Despite government incentives for Solar power systems winding back recently, there are still huge incentives, benefits and subsidies available, that still make the prospect of installing a PV system a valuable one.

We directly consult with you, to ensure that you are getting only the right type of residential PV panel system for the specific needs and requirements of your home.

Solar Merchants offer a wide range of system options to suit all types of rooflines and requirements and we can custom design a system to meet any requirement. We have highly trained Photovoltaic Engineers that assist with all system designs. The use of high quality components at Solar Merchants gives you the confidence that the systems designed & installed are as efficient, safe and durable as they can possibly be.

Solar Merchants believe in keeping it SIMPLE STUPID. Our friendly and knowledgeable consultants will discuss your options with you face to face in the comfort of your home, conduct a site inspection and answer any questions. They will provide you with a detailed proposal offering a range of options that best suits your needs.


Once you decide to proceed, we schedule an installation date and organise for your metering to be changed over. All our installations are conducted by 100% accredited installers through the Clean Energy Council. The lead up time for installation would typically be 2-3 weeks as necessary approvals would be acquired through your energy distributor. Installation typically takes one to two days after which the system can be commissioned and your home is turned into a renewable power generator.

Whether it be a smaller system for an inner city townhouse, or a more comprehensive, off-the-grid system intended for larger more rural properties, Solar Merchants is here for you.

Cost Savings for Residential consumers


  • Lower electricity bills.

  • Reduce your reliance on the GRID.

  • Storage capability for those that operate around the clock – use your own power when you need it.

  • Shield yourself from rising electricity costs.

  • Flexible payment plan options that ensures cash flow positive results.

  • Improved cash flow and energy cost savings from the time of installation.

  • Renewable energy, great for the environment.

  • Excellent government incentives.

  • Tax deductible & depreciated asset – Registered home office.

  • Fantastic return on your investment: 15 – 20% year on year translating to less than 5 years ROI.

  • Adds value to your property price.

  • Creates jobs for the Australian community.

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