Feed-in tariffs

Feed in Tariffs (FITs) are schemes which pay a higher rate for electricity generated by solar power than that paid by the customer for electricity consumed from the grid. NSW, QLD, VIC and the ACT all had very generous FITs which have now been closed to new applications. Existing customers under these schemes are not affected.

In the world of solar today, Feed in Tariffs are less relevant as Solar Power systems are now configured to supply electricity directly to the end user, electricity customer and owner of the Solar Power system. Therefore Solar Merchants designs and engineers appropriately sized Solar power systems for our clients, carefully considering their specific electrical load profiles and ensuring that solar generation profiles fit within the electricity load profile of a facility, thus eliminating or at least minimising net electricity exported to the grid.

In other words all the Solar Power that is generated onsite is used immediately by the electrical loads at that site. Every unit of solar electricity generated by the Solar Power system is a unit of electricity that does not have to be purchased from the electricity grid.

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