Hybrid/Off-grid Systems

What is a Hybrid System?


With the recent advancements in innovative solar technology has come the concept of the hybrid system: allowing you to effectively become your own power source. Hybrid systems incorporate varying degrees of battery storage, which are designed to harness the power generated from your PV solar panels for when additional energy is required, or when the grid goes down.


Solar Merchants’ energy storage solutions can provide you with this incredible luxury and convenience on a cost­-effective basis, and can have you determining your own energy usage as quickly as possible. Our systems are fully automated, utilise the latest, cutting edge technology available on the market today, and can even be used in conjunction with other energy generating units.

What are the Benefits of a Hybrid System?


The idea behind the concept of a hybrid solar and mains grid utility is to provide you with increased power, whilst also being able to monitor how the energy is used throughout your home remotely. Whilst this is a good enough reason to invest in your very own hybrid solution, these storage units have a whole host of other, fantastic benefits, of which are:


  • Reliability should the mains grid ever experience a brownout or a blackout.

  • A completely self­-sustainable, automated system which can power key areas and appliances of your home.

  • Very little maintenance due to no moving parts.

  • An easy to understand monitoring system.

  • A reduction in the carbon footprint of your home or business.

Best of all, these units are relatively compact in size, and can be placed anywhere on the property, without compromising the integrity or the capacity of the storage unit.

Off-­grid Systems


A lifestyle of being completely independent from the grid, has never been as easy to obtain as it is now, and at Solar Merchants, we can provide you with an in depth analysis of your capacity to go off the grid. Working closely with you, we can provide an off-­the-­grid solution, essentially ensuring that you can become your very own power station, without having to ever purchase electricity from any of the mains suppliers.

Our Hybrid and Off-­grid Solutions


Solar Merchants’ extensive experience in working with the highest quality of Solar panels, leaves us uniquely placed to be able to provide you with a solution, to not only halve your bills, but also care for our environment. We work with the most trusted and world renowned panel, inverter and battery storage providers, ensuring that you’re getting only the most reliable, efficient and comprehensive solution for all of your hybrid/off­-grid needs.


We are also the experts in the pin-­point accuracy of the implementation of your solar storage solution, and can avoid logistical and infrastructure based pitfalls ­ installing only a quality system that will be guaranteed to last.


Contact us today on 02 8672 0256 to speak to one of our highly knowledgeable staff, who will be more than happy to guide you through your options, as well as further explain how such a system could benefit you and your household or business.

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